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How do I apply to the Brown SR-EIP?
Complete the Leadership Alliance SR-EIP application and meet the requirements established by the consortium. Information about the SR-EIP and the application form can be found at the Leadership Alliance website.

Do Brown University undergraduates participate in the Brown SR-EIP?
Many Brown University undergraduates participate in Leadership Alliance summer research programs each year, but all go to a campus other than Brown. Students who wish to be at Brown for the summer should investigate fellowships offered by offices within the Dean of the College, the Career Development Center, Office of International Programs and the Swearer Center. We encourage Brown students to visit us in our office at Sayles Hall and discuss Leadership Alliance summer opportunities. For an appointment, contact Barbara Kahn.

Does participation in the Brown SR-EIP earn college credit?
The Brown SR-EIP does not award college credit. Participants are involved full-time in their research training .

Can I enroll in a class at Brown University while I am a research intern?
No, the SR-EIP is a full-time commitment and students work the same hours as all other faculty and staff.

Where do the Brown SR-EIP participants live?
All participants live in the same dormitory. Each suite has four private bedrooms, a kitchen, common area, and one bathroom. The dormitory is on a quiet street, but not far from the center of campus.

Will I be able to walk to my research site?
All Brown SR-EIP students are provided with campus housing, and many can easily walk to their research site. Other students rely on the Brown Shuttle to transport them to their research site off campus at one of the affiliated hospitals or research centers. Even these locations are within reasonable walking distance. Students placed at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Providence do take a city bus, and bus passes are provided.

Do I need a car in Providence?
Some students prefer to have their car with them, but must then pay a student parking fee. Most students live here comfortably without a car for the summer.

Do I have a choice of my mentor?
For the most part, participants in the Brown SR-EIP are assigned a mentor based on the student's academic background and personal statement of research goals. Occasionally, a department will offer a student the option of working with one out of several different investigators. Students are never accepted into the Brown SR-EIP without a guarantee of a mentor.

When does the Brown SR-EIP begin? Can I arrive later?
Participants must arrive on campus on Sunday, June 3 and participate in orientation on Monday, June 4. All students depart on Friday, August 3.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Brown SR-EIP?
Please contact the summer program coordinator, Barbara Kahn.

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